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Unlock the potential with a faster, more reliable internet connection.

Blackspot Networks has helped countless companies across the UK whose primary requirements have been to stay connected.

Our team understands the importance of a reliable connection for work, education or pleasure. Stop searching and let us do the hard work.

14 Day business money back guarantee Better business internet
or your money back
14 Day business money back guarantee Better business internet
or your money back

A mission-critical internet connection has been made possible, even in the remotest of locations, through the use of a range of external high gain antennas paired with a choice of LTE+ commercial-grade routers.

Blackspot networks are used to dealing with contractors, intermediary companies and end users to get the right solution for your requirements. We take the guesswork out of achieving a fast and reliable connection with a free feasibility survey for your location or project.

By comparing mast data from the leading network operators using the most up to date cell mast locating software, we can be sure to get you the right solution for the job.

Hardware aside, Blackspot Networks is also an EE authorised reseller and so can offer a variety of tariffs ranging from M2M low data use, up to unlimited data plans with handsets for both small businesses (1-99 employees) and corporate structures (100+ employees). For large projects, we can offer tailored solutions to meet your exact data requirements; please contact us for further information.

Even if you’ve tried or discounted a mobile broadband
solution before, let us try a fresh approach.

Request a free feasibility survey
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    No signal?
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    Even if you’ve tried or discounted a mobile broadband solution before,
    let us try a fresh approach.

    We’ve got a track record of delivering a connection even when
    a mobiles phones give no service.

    While there are plenty of locations where a mobile phone doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean there is no signal. The antennas inside a mobile device are tiny and limited by the design whereas our external antenna is more than 10x as powerful.

    We guarantee a minimum of 15Mbps, but must customers get speeds that are much higher. A mobile broadband connection delivers you the maximum available speed on the network, so this can vary depending on location and time of day. We give you 14 days to make sure you’re totally satisfied. 

    Our antenna comes with a desk stand allowing you to easily trial the equiptment without having to commit to having the antenna installed. We offer a nationwide installation service and often once installed the performance increases further.

    Our WiFi router has 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi networks for the best coverage and usually provides sufficient coverage for most properties. We can advise suitable range extenders if necessary.

    Our survey is
    your guarantee

    We don’t sell products… we sell solutions

    When it comes to trying to get online, no two problems are the same.
    That’s why we approach your challenges with a fresh pair of eyes.

    We add a pair of ears to those eyes we mentioned. By listening to you and combining that with a detailed study of your exact location and up to date mast data along with expert antenna and hardware knowledge we will give you the options that will solve your problem.

    We provide a report including a detailed map of the masts around your locality, the best cell ID for a reliable internet connection, and an elevation survey to make sure our solution will work for you.

    No-risk for you

    We are confident we can get you better broadband but if we are unable to achieve this, a 14-day money back guarantee is offered.

    We’ve done it for them
    we can do it for you too